Brooke Vincent admits to nerves ahead of Corrie's live episode

Brooke Vincent admits to nerves ahead of Corrie's live episode

Actress Brooke Vincent is praying she doesn't mess up her lines in Coronation Street's live episode.

The 23-year-old, who plays Sophie Webster, is gearing up for tomorrow evening's real-time screening on ITV.

It isn't the first time the cast have undergone the nerve-racking event, but Brooke still fears slipping up on her words.

“No one wants to be the one that it goes wrong for. We’re all praying it’s not us," she laughed to Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

“I have a safe line to say if I forget my words so I have a backup thing to say. Then I will probably just say, ‘Sorry mum’ and move on. They’ve told us we won’t get sacked if we mess up, so that’s OK!”

With the last ten days spent rehearsing, Brooke is sure to wow on live TV Wednesday night. Her alter ego Sophie plays a vital part in one storyline, hiding the secret kiss between her divorced parents Sally (Sally Dynevor) and Kevin (Michael Le Vell).

Michael too is anxious ahead of the shoot, but feels better knowing it isn't as action-packed as the last. In 2010, half the street was destroyed by a tram crash, which saw the death of several main characters.

"There is no big tram crash. No loads of action from firemen. This is going to be character driven so a lot more words to say - that's the nervy bit," Michael told Britain's The Sun newspaper.

"It's like you were to do live theatre but get 17 million watching you."

It isn't just the Websters getting in on the drama though, as viewers will witness a showdown between Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) and Callum Logan (Sean Ward). The Corrie bad boy turns violent in the hour-long episode upon learning Sarah is trying to incriminate him.

"The scene with Callum is very physical and it's taken a while to rehearse to get right. It's been really taking it out of me. As an actor, Sean is very focused and he really gets in the zone when Callum is menacing the Platts," Tina told Daily Star.

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