Brooke Vincent gets three free meals a day on Corrie set

Brooke Vincent gets three free meals a day on Corrie set

Brooke Vincent takes full advantage of the free meals she gets on the Coronation Street set - even when she's not at work.

The 23-year-old actress has been playing Sophie Webster in the ITV soap since 2004 and has built up a close group of friends during her time on the show. The whole cast are treated to meals on set, and Brooke ensures she gets her fill even on her days off.

"I love my work," Brooke said during an interview on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday (08Mar16). "Like yesterday I wasn't in work but I popped in for my breakfast because we get free breakfast, and you pop in, you sit down and you have a chat with everyone. I was close so I nipped in. You can nip in at any time of the day and see people."

When host Piers Morgan asked if she went back for a free lunch as well, Brooke replied: "Yeah, oh yeah. You think I'm joking. No, I do! Three meals a day! Chewing gum, creme eggs, you can take the lot."

Brooke has had her fair share of exciting and controversial storylines during her time on Coronation Street, including when she became the first lesbian in the show's history.

However, the sexuality storyline has caused some issues in her personal life, as she admits the opposite sex sometimes believe that she and her character are the same.

"When we first did it I was 16 so you have the boys going, 'Are you a lesbian? Are you a lesbian?'" she laughed. "But I think I've told enough people now that I'm not a lesbian, so I'm ok."

The brunette actress is now preparing to take a sabbatical from the soap to star in new play Be My Baby. The production is an entirely different vehicle for Brooke, but one she is very much looking forward to.

"I've spent half my life there (Coronation Street) so it's definitely my home but I feel like I need to just go out and test the waters a little bit and do something different. I'm doing a play called Be My Baby and it's set in the Sixties so it's a completely different costume and hair and different script as well. I'm very excited."

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