Big Brother: Jack takes £24,000 from prize fund

Big Brother: Jack takes £24,000 from prize fund

'Big Brother''s Jack McDermott has won nearly £24,000

In tonight's episode (12.07.15) of the reality TV show, the 23-year-old McDonalds manager chose to take £23,900 - which the housemates had built up throughout the day - from the winner's prize fund and keep it for himself, as part of a task.

The housemates were standing on podiums watching a one minute countdown on the wall, and were told if they're the first to press their button, they would steal the money from the prize fund and keep it for themselves. They would then be guaranteed to walk away with this money, whenever they leave the house, but must wear it handcuffed to them for the rest of their time in the Borehamwood compound.

Jack pressed his button before Cristian MJC and was then awarded the money, which is now attached to his wrist.

On returning to the house, Jack apologised and said the money would change his life.

Chloe Wilburn - who won £5000 as part of a task earlier this week - then told him: "You did have a go at me for taking £5,000 but I did see 23 and think that has got to be for Jack as it is your lucky number."

Jack replied: "This is the most money I have ever had and will ever have in my life and will go to good and amazing things."

Later, while in the Diary Room, Jack said: "The things I will be able to do with this are unbelievable.

"Joel (Williams) might be a bit peeved as he thinks the prize fund is for the winner so taking out of it is wrong but it is literally life changing for me."