Animal cruelty charity questions BGT's 'talking' dog

Britain's Got Talent's singing dog has false mouth
Britain's Got Talent's singing dog has false mouth

The 'talking' dog may have captured the heart of Simon Cowell and Co on Saturday night but how Wendy speaks is now at the centre of an animal cruelty row.

We all saw French man Marc Metral and his dog Wendy impress the judges on Britain's Got Talent on Saturday night with their singing and talking dog routine.

Of course, we knew that the dog wasn't actually talking but how the trick is pulled off is now causing concern for animal welfare groups.

Reports today say the trick is that a fake nose and mouth is placed over the dog's face and that Metral moves it with a remote control, while also performing the ventriloquism to make the words and sing.

The pair flew into the semi-finals but some viewers called on the RSPCA to investigate the act and they have since issued a statement.

"It is not clear if Miss Wendy was wearing any sort of muzzle or mask during the performance on Britain's Got Talent, however the RSPCA would be very concerned if it became clear that she was caused distress at any point," they tell the Mirror.

"We will be contacting the show to ascertain what methods were used and how they impacted on the dog."

A BGT spokesperson told the Sun that Wendy was not put at risk.