Amanda Holden's sister in intensive care after car crash

Amanda Holden's sister in intensive care after car crash

Amanda Holden's sister has been seriously injured in a horror car crash.

Debbie Holden, 44, is in intensive care in Cornwall where she is said to be in a "critical but stable" condition and Amanda, 45, immediately rushed to her bedside following Thursday's (06.10.16) accident.

A source told The Sun: "It's been a very difficult 48 hours and the whole family have been pulling together and trying to keep positive.

"Amanda is very close to her sister. They're only a year apart and there's something about them together which is really special. Amanda's still with her in hospital.

"Everyone is hopeful she will eventually make a full recovery.

"Thank God, no one else was hurt in the accident. Now we've just got to get Debbie through this."

"Free spirit" Debbie's work includes deep sea diving and underwater photography and she divides her time between Cornwall and Koh Lanta in Thailand.

Last year she was trapped on Mount Everest following the earthquake in Nepal.

Amanda revealed on 'This Morning' that Debbie had been climbing the mountain in the capital city of Kathmandu when the disaster struck, causing an avalanche and killing approximately 3,000 people.

She said: "It's awful, I can barely speak. My mum and dad are watching and listening to you [the rescue experts] for information... But my sister is climbing Mount Everest and very luckily she is at a place that is the last camp before you get to the base camp one on the south side.

"There was only four of them left at that camp because my sister was suffering so badly from altitude sickness that she didn't walk up to base camp - which actually, potentially, might have saved her life."