Alan Halsall was told by psychic he'll have twins one day

Alan Halsall was told by psychic he'll have twins one day

'Coronation Street' star Alan Halsall and his wife Lucy-Jo Hudson have been told by a psychic they'll have twins one day.

The 32-year-old actor - who's starred as Tyrone Dobbs on the ITV soap opera since 1998 - already has a 19-month-old daughter, Sienna, with actress Lucy-Jo, and has refused to rule out the prospect of having another child.

Asked if they want more children, Alan said: "We have spoken about it, but we're not in a rush. We say two children but I know people who have said that and have had twins."

Luly-Jo - who played the part of Katy Harris on 'Coronation Street' from 2002 until 2005, and married Alan in 2009 - told OK! magazine: "A physic has told me I'm going to have twins. We have twins in both of our families.

"When I was first pregnant with Sienna, I thought I was having twins as I was so big. But she was just a big baby!"

In recent months, some of Alan's on-screen co-stars have given birth, including Jennie McAlpine - who plays Fizz - and Catherine Tyldesley - who stars as Eva, but that hasn't encouraged Alan and Lucy-Jo to try for another baby.

Asked if their babies have made Lucy-Jo feel broody, she said: "No, not really! I remember the sleepless nights too well and we're both really enjoying Sienna. She is so much fun. Eventually we will have another one."