Alan Carr: What happened in that lift, Beyoncé?

Alan Carr: What happened in that lift, Beyoncé?

Chatty Man Alan Carr would love to ask Beyoncé "what happened in that lift?"

The television personality is known for interviewing some of the most famous faces around, with Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian making the list in the past. One guest he's still holding out for on his Chatty Man show is singer Beyoncé, who hit headlines when her sister Solange was caught on camera attacking Beyoncé's husband Jay Z in a lift.

Alan has made a lot of jokes about the scuffle, so thinks he doesn't have much hope of getting the former Destiny's Child star on his sofa. However, he does have a burning question: "What happened in that lift?" he laughed to Britain's Heat magazine. "Imagine: 'Alan, I'm so pleased you asked. Jay Z was yapping in my ear and I'd had enough. Solange had two Disaronno and Cokes and was just fuming!'"

While getting Bey on the show remains a pipedream for now, Alan can at least reflect on some of the amazing people he's hosted. Reality star Kim remains a favourite, especially her impressive derriere.

"She's the vintage one," he gushed of Kim. "I've had her on - I've felt her bum. It was lovely, a bit like Edam. It was like a couple of Babybels. It wasn't flabby, there wasn't that much to give."

Alan was also happy to dish on his booziest guest, giving the honour to Gaga.

"Lady Gaga got quite p**sed on whisky," he grinned. "I like her, none of this: 'Just a water, please.' Her hat fell off. She was in this complicated outfit and couldn't get to the toilet, so she p**sed in a wastepaper bin."

It might not seem like it, but there are some rules on Alan's show. He wasn't allowed to ask guest Colin Farrell about sex tape rumours but in the end, the actor brought it up himself.

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