Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace confirms 'Big Brother' return

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace confirms 'Big Brother' return

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has confirmed she is returning to 'Big Brother'.

The 36-year-old glamour model, who first appeared on the reality TV show in 2006, will re-enter the house during the current series' upcoming Time Warp Twist tomorrow night (25.06.15).

Speaking about her decision to appear on the show again, the blonde beauty said: "I feel completely honoured. I feel the house is surrounded with a lot of negativity and there is a dark cloud over the house. I want to go in and bring positivity and fun. I feel like it's my house and I want to bring it back to life."

But Aisleyne is already planning to avoid interacting with some of the other contestants, including Helen Wood.

She said: "I won't be approaching Helen as she intimidates me but if I see her targeting someone else I definitely won't hold back and I will be telling her to know herself.

"I like to call her the spawn of Satan; she is just a b***h and is horrible to everyone."

Helen, 28, recently claimed she would spit in Aisleyne's face if she ever re-entered the house after being shown images of previous contestants.

But Aisleyne, who says she is celibate at the moment but looking for romance, is hoping to "inject some fun" into the current series.

She said: "I wanted to go back as it was such a great experience and I can see it is really negative in there at the moment so I want to inject some fun. I want to make them play games, have a drink and kiss each other.

"I want to just enjoy it and have as much fun as possible. I want it to be a really positive experience for everyone."