Adrian Lester: Fans still compliment me for Hustle

Adrian Lester: Fans still compliment me for Hustle

Adrian Lester still gets messages from fans about 'Hustle'.

The 46-year-old star, who played con-man Mickey Stone in the long running BBC series, has revealed people still want to talk to him about it even though it ended three years ago in 2012.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It was really fun. We did it off and on for nine years. By the time it came to the eighth season, myself and everyone else were ready to be like, 'This is the last one'.

"It was a good run and had a great fan base. People still love it, I still get communication - tweets and messages about it."

The 'Day After Tomorrow' actor - who is currently starring in the Audible drama 'Amok' alongside Natascha McElhone - also confessed he's flattered that show still attracts new audiences.

He shared: "It's brilliant isn't it - it is getting a new audience and people who were 16/17 who were too young at the time now watch it and say, 'Oh my God, I have just found this show called Hustle'."

Meanwhile, the 'Day After Tomorrow actor has admitted he found it difficult adapting from work on TV, movies and the theatre to audio.

He said: "Working on camera, you can compartmentalise and shoot out sequences. This is about getting the performance in the voice. You have to close your eyes and get a mini TV series really. It is all about making sure the voice and the sound is perfect, the distance from the microphone, whether it is to the left or the right. The intensity, the volume - that is of paramount importance."

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