Adam Fielding slams reports he left Emmerdale due to stress

Adam Fielding slams reports he left Emmerdale due to stress

Adam Fielding quit Emmerdale to "pursue other opportunities", not because he found it too stressful.

The 22-year-old actor has played Kirin Kotecha on the ITV soap since 2014, but made the decision to leave last year (15) after a discussion with former producer Kate Oates.

It was reported on Thursday (11Feb16) that Adam's departure from the show was due to finding the programme too difficult to appear in.

However, Adam decided to take to Twitter on Thursday night to set the record straight.

"I wanted to make this video to clear some things up," he said in a video posted on his social networking page. "A lot of the journalists think I 'quit' Emmerdale because I was feeling 'stressed out' I mean this is not the case at all guys.

"In short my reason for leaving is to pursue other opportunities. You know, I'm an actor and my journey does not end with Kirin. Believe me there are a lot of opportunities in the pipeline. Obviously I can't say too much, just watch this space."

The reports of Adam finding the show too stressful stemmed from him speaking to journalists at a special Emmerdale event recently.

"Where does a human being go when he’s felt what Kirin’s felt?” he reportedly said. "So all of this stuff that I’d already done in the first year - it’s stressful, really stressful.”

The latest development in Kirin's troubled life saw him knock over and kill Nicola Stephenson's Tess Harris in a drink drive incident, with viewers left stunned after the accident aired on Thursday night's show.

Kirin's departure from Emmerdale is likely to somehow follow on from this latest controversy.

Nicola said she is also hoping to pursue some different opportunities after leaving the soap.

"I've had an absolute ball doing Emmerdale and I'm always quite excited at the end of a job about what opportunities are coming next," she said in a statement. "I'm really looking forward to playing someone new."

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