13 times soap weddings ended in total disaster

Tracy Barlow's 2014 wedding didn't go to plan
Tracy Barlow's 2014 wedding didn't go to plan

EASTENDERS sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell are set to bow out in dramatic style with a wedding day bloodbath.

It will be the latest entry in soap’s grisly wedding album of horrors, as Til Death Do Us Part is a line that has inspired some of the nation’s favourite characters to cause mayhem.

Ronnie, who is played by Samantha Womack (43), is set to be killed off in a dramatic episode that will see her die trying to save her sister Roxy, played by Rita Simons.

The explosive BBC episode, which will air in the New Year, will see Ronnie saying ‘I do’ to Jack, played by Scott Maslen, for the second time. But it will all go horribly wrong.  

But where does it compare in the long list of soap wedding disasters?

Carol’s bloody wedding in Fair City (2016)

Fans were looking forward to a double wedding between Carol and Robbie, as well as Kerri-Ann and Decco, when all hell broke loose in the lead-up to the church ceremony.

Carol’s father Trigger stooped to a new low in a bid to ruin her big day, even turning to physical violence just to try and throw a spanner in the works, with Carol ending up bloodied at the altar.

Mick’s wet wedding in EastEnders (2016) 

The nuptials of Mick and Linda Carter got pretty wet and wild after Deano turned up and threw mum Shirley in the lake. 

Mick ruined his suit by jumping in to knock seven bells out of his rapist brother, but ended up saving his life. The couple managed to go through with the ceremony, even if Mick was in a pink dressing gown. 

Emmerdale explodes (2015)

When Debbie Dingle decided to marry Pete Barton, despite her affair with his brother, it was never going to go well. 

In fact, it was fierier than anyone imagined – the whole reception was engulfed in flames after a helicopter came down on the venue. 

The bride ended up in hospital, the groom tried to kill his brother and Val Pollard lost her life in the hall of mirrors. 

Disaster strikes in Neighbour’s on Daniel’s big day (2015)

Daniel and Imogen were trapped down a well after a stairwell collapsed, just before his wedding. Amber was left waiting at the altar for the groom, with Daniel still determined to make it despite a broken ankle.

Corrie’s barmaid murder (2014)

Just before the lavish ceremony of Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan, the groom’s sister grassed him up for the murder of barmaid Tina. 

Rob got wind of his imminent arrest, and did a runner – only to be caught in an abandoned warehouse when Tracy led the police to him.

The Explosion in Neighbours (2013). 

The marquee hosting Toadfish and Sonya’s wedding collapsed after a gas bottle exploded. 

The storyline also saw the deaths of two regular characters, Rhys Lawson and Priya Kapoor.

The producers played on Toadie’s previous bad luck with weddings for the storyline and thought it would rival his 2003 wedding to Dee Bliss, which ended in her death.

Emmerdale ding-dong (2010) 

Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle doesn’t take prisoners when she’s angry. 

After conning Carl King into proposing by pretending she was pregnant, she got him to the altar before revealing she knew about his affair with Eve – to all the wedding guests. 

Then she told him the wedding was off and there was no baby, before stealing his money. 

Hollyoaks Hit&Run (2008) 

Max Cunningham finally married long term love Steph Dean – but it didn’t last long. Her jealous ex-lover Niall was furious – speeding away from the church and straight towards Tom. 

Max rushed to save his son, but got knocked down in the process, dying in the arms of Steph and best friend O.B. 

EastEnders suicide bride (2007) 

Phil Mitchell proposed to unstable Stella Crawford, unaware she had been tormenting his son Ben behind his back. 

But when he discovered the truth, on his big day, he told her he had never loved her – and she jumped off the roof of an abandoned factory to her death. 

Fred’s Dead in Corrie (2006) 

Butcher Fred Elliot had the worst ending to his wedding possible. 

As poor bride Bev Unwin waited at the altar Audrey confessed her feelings for him and proposed. He turned her down, but sadly he keeled over in her hallway and died of a heart attack before getting back to the church. 

Home and Away’s wedding explosion (2006)

It was the wedding of super couple Jack Holden and Martha McKenzie. Inviting most of the town for the event, the community was also rejoicing in the aftermath of the return of the Summer Bay stalker, who had finally been captured. In true Home and Away fashion, Zoe (the stalker) had inside help and crashed the wedding, bringing with her an explosive wedding present for the bride and groom. Peter Baker was trapped and ‘died’. 

Matilda was badly burnt and left with scars that caused her to develop an eating disorder. Rachel’s elderly mother also lost her life, while Martha, Kim, Robbie, Kit and Belle were sent to the city for burns treatment. However, their helicopter crashed and they were left stranded in the bush. 

A stiff one in EastEnders (2005) 

When Albert Square resident Sharon Watts tied the knot with Dennis Rickman (left), she was pretty cross that dad Den was not there. 

But she was even more upset when Sam Mitchell unearthed the corpse of a very dirty Den from the cellar of the Queen Vic in the hope that Chrissie would be jailed.

That certainly put a dampener on the big day. 

Dynasty wedding massacre (1985) 

One of the best-loved soap tragedies was the blood-soaked wedding of Amanda Carrington to Prince Michael of Moldavia.

The fairy tale event was marred by the arrival of armed revolutionaries who attacked the wedding party, with only action man Dex Dexter to try to protect them.

It led to a season finale in which most of the distraught family were covered in blood.