Zoo worker caught on camera performing sex act on dolphin

Zoo worker caught on camera performing sex act on dolphin

A zoo in the Netherlands has come under fire after footage emerged which shows a male zookeeper masturbating a dolphin.

However no charges will be filed as investigators say the act isn’t a crime, because it was part of a “breeding programme”.

In the footage a male member of staff can be seen toying with the aquatic mammal’s penis, as a shocked onlooker records the sordid scene.

The zookeeper then begins the process of ‘milking’ the animal and once completed the dolphin is fed a fish.

Since the video was released online, furious animal campaigners have slammed the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk, Netherlands, branding it an underwater circus.

However the zoo has claimed the interspecies act is to “de-stress” the animals.

The video was recorded by Rambam who sent a team member to the Dolfinarium to work undercover as an intern.

The team also filmed keepers saying that the animals were masturbated to prevent incestuous relations and that there were ‘gay’ dolphins at the zoo that would have sex with one another.

The investigation also claimed that the animals were kept in small over-chlorinated tanks for long periods.

Responding to the allegations, the Dolphinarium said: “The interplay between man and dolphin fits well in all respects within all laws that the Dolphinariam comply with, like all zoos should."

A spokesman added: “By far the largest portion of the day all animals are in the basin DolfijndoMijn, which has about 3 million litres of water over the whole habitat.

“They are only sometimes kept in the smaller basins for observation.

“The accusation of harmful chlorine is also unfounded.

“A specialised team tests the water habitats in the Dolphinarium daily so that it meets the legal standards.”