YouTube turns 10! Check out some of the best videos ever uploaded

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

YouTube turns 10 today.

Long gone are the days of hoping to catch your favourite music video on the box. Long gone are the days when cats were just pesky household pets. And long gone are the days when viral videos were clips of doctors explaining respiratory infections. 

YouTube has galvanised the internet. It has grown from a single 18-second clip of this guy at the zoo to approximately 300 hours of content every minute. 

And along the way it has made stars of obscure individuals, such as Justin Bieber and Psy, neither of whom would have become known had the social media site been invented. 

So we salute you, YouTube.

And to celebrate here are some of the best clips the site has featured in the last decade. 


The Star Wars guy, who was probably YouTube's first star

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cos they rapin' errbody out here

And then the fairly catchy remix...

Charlie biting his brother's finger, one of the seminal works of YouTube

The BBC interviewing some randomer, and the randomer freaking out but taking in his stride like a boss

This cat playing the keyboard, because it's a cat - and it's playing the keyboard gloriously

Oh it's got a cobra, it runs backwards

Most of the Old Spice ads

YouTube would be NOTHING without this dramatic chipmunk

This little gem I just discovered

These kids who had a difficult time