You may have herd… the Garda Tweets show a sense of humour

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The gardai didn't take any crap from this lot
The gardai didn't take any crap from this lot

The Garda Twitter account has some right japesters working on it, as members of the Twitterati will know.

Apart from getting the odd useful traffic tip, it’s worth following for the occasional jokes that show up – when they’re in a more relaxed mood.

The latest one came yesterday, when they Tweeted this photo with the description: “Disorderly crowd being mooved on at Inniscarra, Cork”.

There has been some gems before, such as this witty riposte to a user wondering about transporting former rap stars…

It would help to know they are referencing a line from ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ by the aforementioned Vanilla Ice. Word!

They even got in on the whole Zayn-leaves-One-Direction schamozzle last week...

Then there was this classic banter with Limerick’s finest, The Rubber Bandits…

But the humorous asides didn’t always go down too well, like the time they Tweeted this (possibly) sexist gem…

As you can imagine, a slew of complaints followed.