Yale University boffins may have cured baldness

Yale University boffins may have cured baldness

There may be hope on the horizon for bald people through the world.

A dermatologist has helped a 25-year-old alopecia sufferer to regrow his hair after treating the man with drugs designed for rheumatoid arthritis.

After taking the meds the patient, who had suffered from alopecia universalis, began growing hair once again.

The patient's head before the treatment

Dermatologist Dr. Brett A. King made the discovery at Yale University.

"It is really exciting," said King, an assistant professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine.

"At the very least, this means many folks who have been told there isn't a solution may now have a solution."

Reports indicate that the next step will be to get approval for a topical version of the medication and to conduct a larger trial.

The news has sparked a new wave of optimism for sufferers and researchers.