X Factor “wrecked autistic teen’s life after humiliating audition”

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

An autistic singer became depressed after suffering a "humiliating" experience on X Factor, a judge in the UK has heard.

She had been embarrassed by her performance, had dropped out of a local education college and started displaying "risky behaviours", Mr Justice Cobb was told.

Council social services officials had subsequently launched proceedings in the specialist Court of Protection - where judges consider matters relating to sick and vulnerable people - after health staff became concerned about her mental capabilities.

Social workers became so concerned about the teen - who embarked on a "toxic lesbian relation" relationship in the wake of the show - they asked a court to consider if the girl was capable of making her own decisions.

Detail has emerged in a written ruling by the judge following the latest round of Court of Protection litigation.

The judge said he had been asked to analyse issues relating to her mental capacity to make decisions at a Court of Protection hearing in Newcastle upon Tyne

Mr Justice Cobb did not identify the woman - or the talent show.

He said she was now 20 and had appeared on the show more than three years ago.

"Sadly she now regards the experience as humiliating and she is embarrassed by her performance," said Mr Justice Cobb.

"She dropped out of college and became depressed."

He added: "She started to display risky behaviours."

She had met men who contacted her through social media and become "sexually dis-inhibited", said the judge.

Social services bosses had launched Court of Protection proceedings more than a year ago.

The judge said at that stage the woman's mental capacity to "process key decisions" had been "significantly in question".

But he said he thought that she had now "matured" and her ability to make "relevant decisions" and keep herself safe had developed.