Would-be thieves try to rob ATM with blowtorch, burn all the money instead

The damaged ATM (Image via Everett Police Department)
The damaged ATM (Image via Everett Police Department)

Police in the US are looking for two would-be thieves who tried to rob an ATM with a blowtorch, setting fire to all the money inside.

Cops in Everett, a place about 25 miles north of Seattle in Washington State, are searching for the two bungling bandits who managed to destroy the cash machine, and its contents while escaping empty handed.

It is estimated they did $35,000 (€31,175) of damage including the pile of cash they completely destroyed.

Local media are also reporting that one of the suspects then urinated on the flaming machine in a bid to douse the flames.

Cops have surveillance footage of the botched robbery and have identified and named the two suspects.

The hunt for the pair continues.