Woman wearing ‘Dropping A Load’ T-shirt arrested after doing just that in shop

Melissa Jacobson was arrested for 'Dumping A Load' - as per her T-shirt
Melissa Jacobson was arrested for 'Dumping A Load' - as per her T-shirt

A woman has been arrested after going in to a shop to return merchandise wearing a ‘Dropping A Load’ T-shirt – and doing precisely that.

Melissa Jacobson was busted after she went in to a Kmart shop in order to return merchandise she had bought.

For some bizarre reason she then decided to sneak in behind the cash registers and urinate and defecate on a box full of plastic security tags.

An employee soon noticed ‘a funky smell’ and happened upon the soiled cardboard box which was soaked with urine.

CCTV footage shows Jacobsen going to customer services before sauntering down the aisle – and past the obviously visible toilets, it must be added – before squatting down and doing the unmentionable deed.

She is then seen reaching for paper towels behind the counter when she was done with the disgusting act, before going back to the customer services desk again.

One employee also pointed out she was a… ahem… regular customer, so she certainly knew where the restrooms were.

When police called to her door after reviewing the footage and getting her home details from the returns forms, she was wearing the same ‘Dropping A Load’ T-shirt as seen in the video footage.

Jacobson was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of resisting or obstructing an officer, according to Circuit Court records. Jacobson, a Racine resident, is free on $500 bond and is scheduled for an April 30 pre-trial conference.