Woman 'raped by Pokemon Go character'

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A woman claims she was raped by a Pokemon-Go character.

The female contacted police after allegedly being sexually assaulted by the avatar and according to the report, she woke up with a huge Pokemon on top of her.

The woman is a keen player of the mobile gaming app which has taken the world by storm and sees fans walk the streets to find and collect characters such as Pikachu, Charmander and Raichu.

The police report goes on to state that the Pokemon mysteriously disappeared when the victim sprung out of bed, but when she checked the app and the inbuilt GPS mapping, it showed the assailant was still located in the room.

Her friend Friend Ivan Makarov is quoted as saying: "She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon GO."

However, the cops dismissed her claims and told her to seek psychiatric help.