Woman racks up 51 points on driving licence

Woman racks up 51 points on driving licence

A learner driver with 51 points on her licence has not been banned from the road.

The unnamed woman from Oxford, England, was given three speeding offences whilst travelling in a 30mph zone as well as seven offences for not providing driver details, the Daily Record newspaper reports.

She tops the list of drivers not banned from the road, despite reaching the limit of 12 points on their licence.

A spokesperson for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) said: "In a small percentage of cases where the driver has accumulated 12 or more penalty points, the agency understands that a court can exercise its discretion and not disqualify the driver.

"In the majority of these cases, magistrates may have decided to allow drivers to retain their entitlement to drive where it is considered that disqualification would cause exceptional hardship."