Woman ordered to pay £900 after son vomits on handbag

Woman ordered to pay £900 after son vomits on handbag

A mother has been ordered to pay for a woman's handbag after her son vomited on it.

The unnamed mother was on a long-haul flight with her son when the turbulence caused the young boy to throw up on a stranger's £900 Louis Vuitton bag.

Writing on website Mumsnet, the user known as incognitoforonenight said: "My son vomited everywhere halfway through flight. We cleared it all up. [An] hour later, the lady behind my seat says, 'hope your son is OK, but he was sick and it's on my handbag.'

"[We apologised and] she says, 'no, it's on my handbag, it's very expensive and you need to get your insurance to pay for it to be repaired / cleaned.' (sic)"

Users on the site have rallied in the mother's defence, claiming the woman should not have left an expensive bag on the floor.

One user wrote: "I think she should go via the airline. That's the risk you take if you put your luxury bag on the floor."

Whilst another agreed, saying: "I wouldn't have given her my details in the first place. Your son in a child, if it's anyone's responsibility it's hers or the airlines."