Woman makes horrific discovery inside Tesco juice carton

DISGUSTING: (Pic: twitter)
DISGUSTING: (Pic: twitter)

A woman made a gut-wrenching discovery when she cup open a carton of Tesco apple juice after she noticed it tasted like rancid, rotten cider.

The unfortunate woman uncovered a giant, slug like 'thing' living inside her juice-box.

Lorna Fisher told reporters:

"It looked a bit funny when we poured it out but my boyfriend reckoned it was just cloudy because we hadn’t shaken it."

"Then when we drank it, it was completely horrible. It tasted rancid, like off cider.

"Straight away I went and cut the box open and there was this thing that just looked like an alien at the bottom.

"It made me feel sick just looking at it, knowing that we’d just drank some.

"It was well within date too. I won’t be buying that drink again.”

Lorna contacted Tesco to complain, but was not happy with the 50p refund she was offered.

"I think we are going to have to kill it with fire. Not sure a 50p refund is going to fix the psychological damage," she told the supermarket giant.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “The high quality and safety standards we set ourselves have not been met in this instance and we’ve apologised to Ms Fisher.

"We have asked her to return the product so we can investigate with our supplier.