Woman finds newt in salad

Woman finds newt in salad

A woman found a dead newt in her salad.

Ruby Long, a 20 year old from Old Windsor in Berkshire, south east England, came across the slimy creature in her lunch from the Co-op supermarket and was left "mortified" at the thought that she could have tucked into the pesky salamander, if she hadn't found it first.

The young lady recalled: "When I went to put the sauce on it I moved a bit of the chicken to even it out and found a dead newt."I was sitting there speechless and my colleague asked what was up with me. We both couldn't believe it.

"If I hadn't rearranged the filling I definitely wouldn't eaten it without knowing.

"I felt disgusted and mortified that I could have eaten it.

"I won't buy any pre-packaged sandwiches from Co-op any more, as I want to know there are not going to be any creatures inside."

Ruby was offered an apology and £25 voucher from the store, but was dissatisfied.

She told the Metro newspaper: "There's so many things they haven't told me - like what type of newt it is, what country it came from.

"I want to know how on earth it managed to get there and what checks they are carrying out because if a newt can get in there who knows what else could?"

In a statement, a Co-op representative said: "A complaint was made in store by a customer on September 1.

"We have given them a full apology and refund, along with a gesture of goodwill in light of the distress and inconvenience this issue may have caused."