Woman fighting to keep motorbike riding alligator as pet

Rambo and Mary Thorn
Rambo and Mary Thorn

A woman is desperately fighting to keep her motorcycle riding pet alligator in Florida, USA.

The gator, called Rambo wears clothes, has a bedroom in Mary Thorn’s Lakeland home and rides around on a motorbike.

But, the 15-year-old reptile has recently grown to 6-feet and in Florida law this means he must have access to 2.5 acres of land.

Thorn, who has had a license for the alligator for the past 11-years is now struggling to keep her beloved pat.

“Everyone will tell you that I treat that animal like a baby,” Mary Thorn told the Orland Sentinel, “he doesn’t do anything a normal gator does.”

But Thorn says even if she had the extra land Rambo couldn’t use it because he has a sensitivity to sunlight.

Thorn takes Rambo to schools and charity events to teach people about reptiles. She says she has trained him not to bite.

Florida wildlife commission spokesman Gary Morse says Thorn's case is under investigation.