Woman fears losing her alligator

Woman fears losing her alligator

A woman doesn't want to lose her alligator best friend.

Mary Thorn has housed the predatory animal, called Rambo, for 11 years but she risks losing him as he's grown beyond the length that will permit him to be kept as a pet.

Mary rescued Rambo - who has a sensitivity to sunlight - when a wildlife centre failed to meet his needs.

She has trained him not to bite, and regular ventures to schools and charity events to educate people about the species.

Florida Wildlife Commission rules claim that anyone in the state can't keep a pet alligator that is over four feet in length, and if it grows then the owners must provide at least 2.5 acres of open space.

However, Rambo, the 11 year old, exceeds the height restriction and roams in restricted grounds.

The FWC are currently investigating whether Rambo can remain at the Thorn residence.