Woman exposes affair on Facebook

Woman exposes affair on Facebook

A woman has exposed a cheating man and his mistress on Facebook in a bid to alert his wife.

The man and his lover were stood behind the woman in a queue inside a petrol station on Friday (01.07.16) when they were discussing their infidelity.

The woman overheard the juicy details and decided to post them on the social networking site in an attempt to shame the cheater and his other woman.

In her public appeal to the man's wife, she wrote: "If your husbands called Neil, went to work in an un ironed shirt this morning and your flying to ***** on Saturday...

"He's currently stood getting coffee (3 sugars) in a petrol station in ******* with 'Mrs Smith' should I say...planning a night with her in the Premier Inn near **** tonight. He's going to tell you he's working in ***** and can't get back. (sic)"