Woman dishes out fake number to one-night stands

Woman dishes out fake number to one-night stands

A woman has been dishing out a random man's number to her one-night stands.

A lady - who goes by the name Brandy - clearly doesn't want to pursue a relationship after bunking up with a number of guys after a wild night out so, rather than ditching them there and then, she's been giving out a made-up phone number to the men.

However, although Brandy is convinced the men will fail to get through to anyone, the number actually belongs to a gentleman, who has been having some fun with them.

The man - whose name is not yet known - posted a screenshot of his replies on the men's interest website The Lad Bible as he arranged to meet up with the guys, who believe he's Brandy they hooked up with on a night out, with no intention of turning up.