Woman cuts herself so people can drink her blood

Woman cuts herself so people can drink her blood

A woman has allowed herself to be cut with a razor so people can drink her blood.

A 28-year-old woman from Louisiana, Blut Katzchen, - who calls herself " a black swan" a term used to describe someone who willingly offers their blood - has travelled worldwide for over a decade in an attempt to satisfy bloodthirsty people who think they need blood to survive, according to the Mirror Online.

Speaking about her obscure habit, she said: "I have always been entranced with the whole vampire culture since I was very young. I found a book on vampires in my sisters collection and became completely entranced with it. It takes a very specific type of mindset to enjoy being a swan - you have to be more submissive and enjoy giving."

Her latest admirer is 44-year-old Michael Vachmiel who claims he is the "Vampire King", and says Blut's blood gives him the energy he needs to survive.

Michael says he started drinking blood by accident, but he hasn't looked back since.

He said: "I started drinking blood by accident - it was during an intense sexual act where blood was drawn and touched my lips. At that point it was an awakening."