Woman calls police on wolf-whistling builders

Poppy Smart
Poppy Smart

A woman called the police after she was wolf-whistled by a group of builders.

Poppy Smart, 23, was walking to work in Worcester in the UK, when she was whistled at by a group of construction workers, and she says that by taking the issue to the police, she hopes to put a stop to it.

She told Newsbeat: "Every day I'd walk past and they'd wolf whistle. They'd even come out of the building site to wolf whistle as I'd continue down the road.

"One of the guys got up in my face and all he said was 'morning love', but it was in a very aggressive way and the other one sneered.

"They blocked the pavement and I had to walk around them."

She said: "I've noticed this behaviour more and more around the city.

"Men will lean out of their cars or vans and shout comments about my appearance or whistle and I know and have seen this happen to others as well.

"I think more women should speak out about this behaviour, maybe it will make people think twice."

"It made me feel really uncomfortable and the fact it went on for so long was the main reason I reported it.

"If it had just been an isolated incident - one, two, three, four times - maybe I could probably brush it off because these things happen and you have to kind of accept these people's ignorance."