Woman angered by embrassing perfume mix up

Woman angered by embrassing perfume mix up

A woman who ordered a sexy perfume from a supermarket was instead given a version for dogs.

Khloe Woodall, 25, purchased the 'Playboy For Her' VIP Body Spray using Asda's web service for £5, but when the package arrived the next day, she was shocked to find that it'd been substituted for the £5 'It's A Dog's Life Pawfessional Pet Care Kind & Gentle Shine Spray'.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I had ordered a human Playboy spray - human being the word. It was only a cheap thing to use as an air freshener.

"They didn't have it, which was fair enough, but they substituted with a dog spray. I am a human being. I feel so insulted, so belittled, so disgusted."