Wife gets unexpected birthday gift

Wife gets unexpected birthday gift

A wife has been given a pork pie for her birthday.

An unnamed woman has been left baffled by her husband's poor present buying skills after he handed her the savoury snack as her birthday gift.

Taking to website Mumsnet to share her anger, the user known as butterflybuns wrote: "Well it's my birthday today. My husband who is usually lovely but really rubbish at presents has bought me a pork pie. An actual pork pie claiming I am too hard to buy for. He knows I like gin, chocolate and flowers- if in doubt that would be great. But no, he thinks of me and buys a pork pie. The man who is supposed to love me buys me meat wrapped in pastry!?"

But the woman claims it isn't to do with the lowly price tag on the pastry snack, but the lack of sentiment behind it.

She added: "It's not about the value of it its about how he's made me feel on my birthday - pretty s**t actually. So yes I am upset and no I don't want to be treated like a princess."

Despite speculation from other users that the pork pie was a decoy gift for something much better, the original poster claims there was nothing more exciting on its way.