What's that? The 10 most common stains on furniture revealed

Number 1 is...
Number 1 is...

A furniture repair company has revealed the 10 most common stains that pop up on furniture, and it makes for grim reading.

Are you lying down? Well, if it is on your couch, sofa or bed we recommend you get up immediately before reading on.

A furniture repair company called Guardsman has published the top 10 most common stains that they have to deal with and the list includes all sorts of horrible stuff.

We don't know about you but we regularly mash chocolate into our chair but that only just makes the list at 10.

Milk comes in at nine, while water just beats it at number eight.

Food, in general, is seventh and a real disaster on your lovely new couch, red wine, is number six.

The top five begins with the very worrying 'unidentifiable stain' while plain old 'drink' is fourth.

The top three kicks off with ink, and then things get really disgusting.

Second on the list is vomit and the most common stain found on furniture is urine.

Other odd stains the company dealt with over the three year period that data covers included bird droppings, human and animal excrement and semen.

We might spend the rest of the day, and night, on our feet.