What do you buy the man who has everything? Here's our gadget guide

The latest Garmin watch is a must-have gadget
The latest Garmin watch is a must-have gadget

Finding the dream gift for your fella is never an easy task, but spending a few euros on one of those must-have gadgets is always a good bet.

While handbags and perfume may be the get out of jail card for the boys when they are looking for a special gift, us boys are easily pleased if we are presented with a special present that we barely even need.

Here is your ultimate Sunday World guide to the must-have gadgets that will put a smile on every the face of every fella:

GARMIN VIVOACTIVE HR (main image above)

The smart watch craze has taken time to explode, but advances in technology have made what was previously an unnecessary accessory vital to all fitness fanatics.

Garmin may be famous for their SatNav technology, but that are at the forefront of smart watch development, with their stunning Vivoactive HR (€277) the perfect companion for gym addicts, road-runners or cyclists.

No phone connection is required for the GPS-enabled running, biking and swimming features on the watch, with the eight-day battery life ensuring the problem of losing power at a crucial moment should not be a worry.

This little magic toy allows you to ditch the chest strap and measure heart rate from the wrist, giving you information on how many calories have been burned to maximize your fitness efforts.


The kick-off to the new Premier League season in England marked the start of Sky Sports’ remarkable €5billion deal to screen more matches then ever before, with their newest innovation seeing crystal clear Ultra HD images broadcast for the first time.

As many of us big boys have decided we must have a giant TV pinned to our walls in recent years, so now we naturally ‘need’ Sky’s latest breakthrough box to give us the best viewing experience possible.

Q Play allows you to record and play shows from your Sky box on phone and tablets when you are not at home. 

This box also offers the option to record four channels at once and watch a fifth, as this ingenious piece of kit has become the must-half toy for all lovers of Sky TV.


Apple have long been the masters of offering us gadgets were barely need and feel compelled to have and two of the latest offerings from their Beats range fall neatly into that category.

The slick PowerBeats2 wireless headphones (€199) give you the freedom to stroll or run while not even needing to attach a lead to your smartphone, with the increased volume compared to standard Apple headphones adding to the listening experience.

The Pill+ (€259) is the ultimate portable speaker, with his classy design and booming sound making this a perfect accessory for any dinner party or even a kids party, with a round of pass the parcel so easy to organize when you have a powerful speaker that is so easy to move around.


Under Armour faced a huge challenge to break into a sports equipment market dominated by long-established brands, but they have made their mark with innovative equipment that has tapped into the craving of fitness bunnies.

Their Gemini 2 Shoes (€140) are light, stylish and fused with technology, as they double up as your running companion with a cool gadget that allows them to be paired with your smart phone and assess your performance if you go out jogging or take them to the gym.

Decidated fitness fans may consider investing in the Under Armour Healthbox that gives you the full gym technology pack in your home for around €350, with heart monitors, fat burning gauges and plenty more available.


Your kids have probably been telling you about their desperation to own goggles that take you into a virtual reality world and you will see why they are getting so excited when you get a chance to test out Merge VR.

This product does not look great aesthetically, but its lightweight design and superb visual displays quickly whist you a way to a fantasy land that seems incredibly real.

Slotting an iPhone into the front section of the goggles gives you a passport to rollercoaster rides, gaming experiences and even an exclusive audience with U2, as Bono and the boys have recorded a version of ‘Song For Someone’ that can be viewed through these goggles.

It is a surreal experience to turn to your right and see The Edge, with Larry Mullen sitting just behind you on drums and Adam Clayton to your left before Bono starts singing. This magic gadget is on sale for a relatively modest €50.


Golfing men tend to get absorbed by every aspect of the game and this clever little gadget offers a personal coaching guide from the top of your wrist.

Once the Zepp 3D analyser is synched up to your smart phone, it will provide you with detailed graphic views of your golf swing, giving you a chance to quickly correct obvious mistakes or take the information to a golf coach for extra advice.

Zepp also offer up a similar devise for aspiring tennis players, as it assesses where your racquet is hitting the ball and even the amount of spin you are getting on it all for around €140.


Okay, let’s be honest, us guys don’t really know why we want to own a drone and fly it around the local park, but maybe it has something to do with revisiting our youth.

Where once flying a kite was our idea of fun, now we can get our hands on this glossy piece of technology that features an on-board camera that allows you to take stunning 2.7K HD videos and 12MP photos with the integrated aerial camera

A live video feed gives you HD real-time view of what your camera sees right on your mobile device via the DJI GO App and you will have up to 25 minutes of flying time on each charge.

What more could a man need for €400 right!