Webcam girl wonders how many Cadbury Creme Eggs can fit in her vagina

Kayla Morris
Kayla Morris

Surgery addicted, pansexual web cam girl Kala Morris hit the headlines last year when she and her mother had forked out thousands of pound sot look like glamour model Katie Price.

Kala, who works as a cam girl on an adult website, has amassed a whopping 51,000 followers on Instagram and is making waves in the world of social media.

The classy 21-year-old was obviously pondering the important things in life when she posted the following on Instagram.

“Addicted !!! Wonder how many I could fit in my p***y.. Think Tesco would be outta stock LMFAO.”

Kayla, who boasts that she looks like a Bratz chorister, likes to think she is the “ultimate barbie blow up doll”.

In a recent Facebook post she said:

I know I don't need surgery..

But I want it and have it cus I like it..

And cus I like looking like a barbie doll and a bratz doll obviously.. natural in my opinion is ugly, we all have different styles and we all like different looks but most of you that try and insult me lol... Let's just say I wouldn't give you the sweat from my perfectly enhanced big barbie boobies on a hot day if you where dying of thirst