WATCH: Woman nicks nicknacks by stashing them in her knickers

The women stuffs the goods up her skirt
The women stuffs the goods up her skirt

Police in the US are seeking to identify a man and woman who snatched over a thousand dollars’ worth of computer merchandise from an electronics shop – by the unusual method of the ‘lady’ in question shoving them up her skirt.

The woman can be clearly seen stuffing several large boxes of components into what we can only presume was a hidden bag hanging from her obviously generous undies.

She calmly slips several computer components into her skirt and walked out with $1,140 worth of stolen items.

Broward Sheriff’s Office say the incident happened in Weston, Florida, in late February, and the pair still haven’t been identified.

A store employee realised the theft happened hours later when he noticed a large section of shelving was empty, and surveillance video showed the unusual theft.

The man acted as a lookout while the woman placed the stolen goodies around her nether regions. Detectives say it appears she had a bag of some sort hidden under the fabric of her voluminous floral dress.