Slovakian man has 6kg tumor removed from his face - Watch

The Slovakian man pre-operation
The Slovakian man pre-operation

A man in Slovakia has just had a 6kg tumour removed from his head and face.

The swelling on Stefan Zoleik's face is the result of a rare disease called Madelung, and he's been living with it for 10 years. 

He said he has spent years being ridiculed for the way he looks and that the swelling caused him a lot of distress. 

“Everybody was turning and looking at me, it was very unpleasant,” he said.

The procedure to remove the tumour took Dr Igor Homola and his team six hours to complete. 

They were able to cut away most of the tumour and Zoleik says he's happy with the result. 

“This is amazing, much better than it was before, which was horrible,” he said.
“I don’t even feel any pain anymore.”