WATCH: Rory’s punishing exercise regime will leave you breathless

Rory certainly puts in the effort in the gym
Rory certainly puts in the effort in the gym

As golf’s world No.1 Rory McIlroy prepares to take on Augusta National for his tilt at The Masters in two weeks’ time, we get a little glimpse into what it takes to top the tree in the game in this video released by Nike.

You may have noticed that Rory – formerly a relatively scrawny young waif of a thing – has appeared finely honed and ‘buff’ over the last few years, and this has obviously played no small part in his ascent to the summit of the game.

Those ‘guns’ don’t just appear all by themselves, you know – and this video gives you some indication of how much work the Northern Irishman puts in to his conditioning.

Yes, a millionaire’s lifestyle is the stuff of dreams for most of us, but deadlifting heavy weights, tricky balance work on a medicine ball and doing standing jumps on to the top of a high chair are just as taxing to a high-fliers’ body as they are to ours.

Seeing as the only jumps on to a high stool that most of us here at Sundayworld.com HQ do are in our local, we applaud his dedication – and maybe we’ll even get inspired to try out a new exercise regime ourselves.

But possibly not.