WATCH: R2-D2 has his little steel heart broken… by a post box

It would bring a tear to a mechanical eye
It would bring a tear to a mechanical eye

Everyone’s favourite droid R2-D2 – the iconic astromech from the Star Wars saga – looks like he’s finally found love in this brilliant fan movie.

But, as is often the case, the path of true robot love doesn’t always run smoothly.

The object of his affections in this tale of yearning is a post box (well, each to their own).

Despite happy days spent together, a mechanical love rival soon shows up to spoil the blossoming romance.

Will our hero have his little steel heart broken? Will we find him crying his lights out in some deserted wilderness, WD-40 squirting from them as he pines for his true love?

Well, you’ll have to watch to find out, obviously.

‘Artoo in Love’, which made its debut over the weekend at the Sonoma Film Festival, was written and directed by Evan Atherton, an Autodesk engineer who works on "experimenting with new technologies as they relate to digital design” – and who used revolutionary 3D printing to help him.

"People have definitely been having real emotional reactions to it," Atherton said.

"I think that stems from what always made Artoo special: He was more than just a machine.

“To see him sad tugs on some childhood heartstrings."

Keep the Kleenex handy…