WATCH - Plane brushing over holidaymakers on the beach

TrendingBy Kevin Palmer
Plane landing a few yards from a crowded beach
Plane landing a few yards from a crowded beach

The Caribbean holiday hot spot of St Maarten has long been famous for boasting a runaway that is positioned ludicrously to a tourist beach - and this latest video takes the breath away.

Bedecked in their suitably skimpy clothing, holiday makers on Maho Beach are quite happy to pose for selfies as this huge plane lands a few yards away from them.

It is hard to imagine the health and safety police would think this whole set-up is a good idea, but it certainly makes for spectacular video footage.

It is not just the landings at Princess Juliana Airport in St Maarten that make for interesting viewing, as the planes taking off also make quite an impact on those happily enjoying their holiday on the beach.