WATCH - Pizza delivered to the Popemobile

Special delivery to....The Pope!
Special delivery to....The Pope!

It may well be viewed as a dangerous breach of security, but the for Italian pizza restaurant owner Vincenzo Cacialli, his special delivery to The Pope was a dream come true.

Waiting for his moment to jump from the crowd and take his chance to burst past security to get to Pope Francis, Cacialli timed his run to perfection and the object of his affection was only too happy to receive the delicious gift.

Pope Francis said only last month that one of the downsides to his job is that he can no longer nip out and pick up a pizza when he facies, so this shrewd chef took that as a cue to surprise the leader of the Catholic church with a jovial offering.

“It’s really hard for me to understand what I managed to do,” Cacialli told CNN. “Giving a pizza you made with your own hands to the Pope is very emotional.

"It’s really hard for me to express the value of this gesture for a man we really love and value, for a beautiful person full of humanity.”

This may be the most memorable pizza delivery of all-time so feast your eyes on this deep pan special in the link below: