WATCH: Massive toxic foam blob on lake the result of urine

The toxic foam blob has spilled onto the streets
The toxic foam blob has spilled onto the streets

A lake in the busy city of Bengaluru in India is posing a health risk to residents and pupils of a nearby school as a massive blob of foam floats on top of the water – made by human urine flowing into it.

The toxins produced by the foam can lead to skin and respiratory illnesses and is a hive of activity for water borne diseases.

People gag at the pungent smell and they have been warned not to breathe it in for more than a few minutes.

It was first believed the noxious blob was the result of detergents getting into the water, but M A Khan, the principal of a local school, said: “The smell is an indication that it is hydrogen sulfate and the foam is not because of any detergent soap, but due to the phosphate getting into the lake.

"The urine content is so high that the phosphate in the urine turns into the foam.” 

The sickening blob has also spilled out onto the road, endangering pedestrians and motorists passing by. High winds have also ensured that the poisonous froth has floated all around the city.