WATCH: Incredible video of 1,000 people performing Foo Fighters song

The drummers - lots of them - do their part in the video
The drummers - lots of them - do their part in the video

The Foo Fighters are incredibly popular with rock fans – and none more so than those in the Italian town of Cesena.

So desperate are the denizens of Cesena, just west of Rimini, to see their favourite rock ‘n’ rollers live that they got together to record this incredible video of hundreds of them performing the Foos’ ‘Learn to Fly’. One thousand of them, in fact.

The huge crowd of drummers, bassists, guitarists and singers give a note-perfect rendition of the tune in the hope that Dave Grohl and Co see it and get inspired to include them on their next European itinerary.

And, seeing as Grohl seems to be universally lauded as the one rocker who is sounder than the ultrasound guy in a hospital, we reckon he won’t be able to deny them their wish.

As one of the organisers says: “Italy is not a land where dreams can easily come true… but it’s a land of passion and creativity.

“So our call is for you, The Foo Fighters, to come and play for us. Please!”

So c’mon Dave Grohl… let’s rock!