WATCH - Dublin beats London in quality of life ranking

Dublin makes the world's top 50 cities
Dublin makes the world's top 50 cities

Dublin has claimed 34th place in the latest 'Quality of Living' rankings, beating London in a survey that is topped by the Austrian capital of Vienna.

It is the second year in succession that Vienna has claimed top spot in rankings conducted by business consultants Mercer, with the Irish capital possibly a little disappointed by its lowly ranking. 

However, it did beat its British rivals, with London coming in at number 40, followed by Birmingham (52), Glasgow (55) and Aberdeen (57). Belfast came in at No.63.

“Some of the factors placing Dublin in the top 50 for quality of living worldwide include an excellent choice of consumer goods, lower levels of air pollution and the socio-cultural environment,” stated Mercer Ireland consultant Noel O’Connor.

Overall, European cities dominate the top of the rankings along with major cities in Australia and New Zealand.