WATCH - Dog snatchers caught on CCTV in the act

WATCH - Dog snatchers caught on CCTV in the act

A relieved dog owner has thanked Facebook followers for helping her to be reunited with her beloved pets, after they were taken by thieves in an act that was caught on CCTV.

Nearly three and a half million people viewed the images of cocker spaniels Nelson and Brock being snatched from outdoor kennels on a UK farm on Friday.

A black Renault can bee seen pulling up to the farm, and one man gets out to fetch the pets, but it seems as if the thieves got cold feet when the dogs they pinched became Facebook celebrities.

Writing on Facebook, dog owner Tina Drayson said: "The Power of Facebook - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"Due to everyone's efforts, we made our dogs too hot to handle and they were found wandering Burpham in Guildford at midnight.

"We have just been reunited with Nelson and Brock. Thank you all once again. I really don't think we would have had this outcome if it wasn't for social media."

Watch the dog snatchers in action here in a story that ended up with a happy ending.