WATCH - Bus driver confronts Irish passenger

Bus driver lost his cool all too quickly
Bus driver lost his cool all too quickly

A Liverpool bus driver has been caught on camera offering up a volley of verbal abuse to a paying customer, as he tells him "shut his mouth" time and again.

Epilepsy sufferer Shea McSorley, 24, said there was a confrontation after the driver turned up his radio, sang loudly and shouted at a woman, reported the Liverpool Echo.

Mr McSorley boarded the number 101 Cumfybus on Wednesday shortly before 5pm at Queens Square, with the confrontation clearly taking him by surprise as the driver got increasingly agitated.

“Shut your face – you got on the wrong bus. Shut your mouth, don’t be giving me grief," screamed the driver, with the passenger insisting he was not interested in the verbal spat.

“You’re going to make a complaint about me? Do I look bothered? You listen to me, this is my bus.”

Cumfybus transport manager James Mitchell is looking into the complaint lodged by Mr McSorley, but the real damage to the driver's reputation has come with the video of the clash attracting plenty of hits on Youtube.

Watch it here: