Watch a spider explode with babies after being attacked by another spider

Gross: The spiders go head-to-head
Gross: The spiders go head-to-head

And it continues!

A man in California trapped these spiders in his home before he filmed this spine-tingling footage. 

Mathew Duncan said: "I had caught both spiders in my house and I had no idea that one of them had tonnes of babies on its back.
"So I'm glad I caught it and fed it to the other before I had 20-30 spiders disperse in my home. I would love to know what type of spiders these two are."
In the short clip, the two spiders Duncan caught go head-to-head in a battle.
As soon as they clash a number of young spiders are sent scrambling around the jar. 
If you're an arachnophobic probably best sitting this one out...