Vulture gets its head (literally) stuck up pig's bum

Gross: Imagine the stench...
Gross: Imagine the stench...

A hungry vulture digging around inside a pig's arse was unfortunate enough to have its head stuck up there for a considerable amount of time.

Footage posted online shows the bird struggling to free itself from the grips of the dead pig's backside. 

It was shot by Paul Fushille, a Texan who says the bird of prey was rummaging around when the pig's bum 'clenched up' (his words). 

He said: "The vulture didn’t care much - except for the most tender bits deep in the hog’s rectum.

"And, no, I didn’t attempt to remove it as vultures are prone to throw up as a defence mechanism. I didn’t want pig a** on me."

Fortunately, the bird was able to remove his head from the animal's bum after an hour (!!!) or so...

"The bird did free itself within an hour or so, as reported by a friend and neighbour," Fushille said.