What would you do? Hard-hitting viral video highlights domestic violence against men

Hard-hitting: The 'girlfriend' actor acts aggressively towards the man
Hard-hitting: The 'girlfriend' actor acts aggressively towards the man

The following clip has gone viral in just three days, with over 2 million views, and cleverly illustrates the public's reaction to witnessing both a man and a woman being abused in public.

The short clip features two actors in a London park. 

In the first instance the man acts aggressively towards the woman, grabbing her face and pushing her towards the park railings, until a number of people intervene. 

One woman threatens to call police and tells the woman: "You don't need to put up with that; he's a w*****"."

The roles are then reversed, and people look on and laugh as the woman grabs the man's head, hits him a few times and tells him "he's f***ing pathetic". 

The video was produced by DareLondon for the Mankind Initiative and is designed to highlight the issue of domestic violence against both women and men. 

Please note the video contains language some may find offensive.