Video: Wexford folk leave pub to rescue cat in distress

The cat in distress
The cat in distress

A large group of Wexford people left the comfort of their local to rescue a cat that had gotten into a terrible dilemma

Punters in the Sky and the Ground in Wexford town left the boozer to find a cat clinging onto an open window next doorr for dear life.

And, while we all know that cats land on their feet, and have nine lives, a fall from that height wouldn't have been ideal for the poor feline.

So banding together they prepared a landing mat for the cat and prepared for the animal to finally lose its grip.

It took a while but the cat eventually lost its hold and fell safely onto the blanket held by the crowd before bounding to safety.

Posted online by one of the crowd of good Samaritans, Linda O'Brien, the video shows that people are usualy pretty decent, given the chance.


Only in Wexford would you come across this.

Posted by Linda O'Brien on Monday, 24 August 2015

Hat tip to JOE.ie