Video: Unlucky child in Dublin Zoo ape-poo horror

The offending ape (Pic:Twitter/Maia Dunphy)
The offending ape (Pic:Twitter/Maia Dunphy)

The weather forecast is good for this weekend, yet we'd still advise you to bring an umbrella if visiting Dublin Zoo.

It's hard to beat a nice day at Dublin Zoo; the exotic animals, interesting exhibits and the ape who takes a dump on your head from above...OK, maybe we could do without that last one.

Yet, that's exactly what happened to one unlucky child who was visiting Dublin Zoo today and Maia Dunphy managed to get it all on camera. 

He was there, minding his own business, when a cheeky Orangutan gave a whole new meaning to 'monkey business.'

We're guessing that visitor didn't feel much like a jungle VIP.

Via Independent.ie